Costume hire Central Queensland

When you’re planning to attend an event or go to a party in costume, you need a good selection of costuming items to choose from so that you can get exactly the “look” you want. Having a range of choices is also useful if you have the wish to wear a costume to a gathering but aren’t quite sure how you want to go dressed yet. When you are making your costuming plans, your best source and widest selection is a good company offering costumes in Barcaldine – the specialty of our firm, Bling Bling Costume Hire & Design.

Maybe you’re planning to go to a party and want to stand out from the crowd by appearing as Princess Leia, Julius Caesar, or dozens of other possibilities. Perhaps you’re seeking to spice up your love life by showing up for a special evening with your significant other or spouse as a hot policewoman, a sexy gangster, or whatever else your imagination prompts you to.

You might be looking for some fun costumes for the grandkids to wear while they’re out trick-or-treating or going to a kids’ Halloween celebration. Regardless of your specific needs, our huge selection is sure to have something that matches your ideas.

Sometimes, it is the details that make or break a costume’s effect. The wide range of costuming accessories available today make it possible to transform your appearance in both subtle and striking ways. Tinted contact lenses will change your eye colour quickly and easily.

A wig will turn a natural blonde into a mysterious, dark-haired individual, or give the right touch of weirdness or humour to finish a costume perfectly. Special effect makeup, false eyelashes, false teeth, mirrored sunglasses, hats, and many other accessories are also available through Bling Bling Costume Hire & Design, the best place for finding a huge selection of fun costumes online in Central Queensland and in Barcaldine.

We also provide costume hire services to the follow areas:

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