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The steampunk subculture is a movement that creates an aesthetic combining science fiction and 19th century industrial steam-powered machinery or the American “Wild West”. Outfits tend to synthesize modern styles with Victorian area elements inclusive of corsets, top hats, petticoats, tails, spats and many more. Aspects of the style can include post-apocalyptic elements such as gas masks and technological pieces from an ‘alternative history’ that embraces flying goggles and ray guns. Steampunk fashion can be inclusive of Lolita, aristocrat, neo-Victorianism and the romantic goth subcultures and styles.

Literature and video games are filled with references and elements of the Steampunk community, The Difference Engine (1990) is often believed to have spread awareness of the Steampunk subculture. It appears in the global phenomenon World of Warcraft in the Gnome and Goblin communities as well as in the Elder Scrolls series where the Elves describes as Dwemer are heavily inspired by steampunk elements such as steam powered machinery and brass-like gears. It is also clear in Disney’s Treasure Planet (2002) and Tim Burton’s Alice Through the Looking Glass.

There are many subgenres of the subculture and we can cater for them all!


Throughout the years we have helped many locals to embrace their steampunk sides, whether for parties, Comicon or just everyday wear and we’d love to help you too!

While our collection online continues to grow we have a few costumes to offer at reasonable prices that are of great quality, including but not limited to;

Dorothy of Oz

Jump back to the 19th century Britain, in the Steampunk Era and mix it with a little 1930’s American classics and you have Steampunk Dorothy – fun, sexy and vibrant! You’ll look great in this costume!

Steampunk General

Steampunk is an inspired movement of creativity and imagination. With a backdrop of either Victorian England or America’s Wild West at hand, modern technologies are re-imagined and realised as elaborate works of art, fashion, and mechanics. This general can command it all, with an army of steam-powered robots at his hands.


Have a browse through our steampunk section and see if we can help you today!

“Steampunk is...a joyous fantasy of the past, allowing us to revel in a nostalgia for what never was. It is a literary playground for adventure, spectacle, drama, escapism and exploration. But most of all it is fun!”

-George Mann