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Ah, geriatrics! The wrinkles, the greying or balding hair and a walking stick! We all get old – some faster than others. But old age often brings with it, wisdom, retirement and sometimes fame! The elderly are often key characters in story books, movies and songs from our childhood – think ‘The little old lady who lived in a shoe’, Grandpa Jo and Grandma Josephine from Charlie and the Chocolate factory or ‘Old Mother Hubbard’ or maybe ‘The was an old lady who swallowed a fly!’ Add a few years to your look for your next book week fun day, 100 days of Prep, Halloween party or themed famous person party. Just add the walking stick and some false teeth and presto – you’re 90!

    Top is a mock cardigan with printed shirt and buttons

  • Plaid bow tie is attached, Plaid slacks
  • Wig with grey hair, bald top and comb-over. Hair strand made of polypropylene
  • Note: Cane and Glasses not included
  • This is an official Rubie’s product